Tuesday, October 16, 2012

These are some pictures from the last year, they are in no order whatsoever....

The boys playing in their toy bins and Elijah chewing on his chewy tube

Halloween 2011

Elliott's 1 year birthday party cake, so cute!

Christmas PJ pants made by Me!

Lego watch that Dade got for Christmas

Giant Lego Star Wars ship that Dade put together

Dade, 10 yrs old, 3rd grade

Elijah's first day of preschool, Jan 2012

Goodbye kisses!

Elijah riding the bus for the first time, He was such a brave boy!

Trying to help with the buckle

Elijah eating his birthday cake when he turned 3

We went to the zoo and yes that is a backpack leash, it did not work well.

Easter buckets

Elijah's preschool class photo

Elliott pulled both of these buckets up to the TV to stand on them, smarty pants

All the boys love playing under the couch cushions, I don't get it.

Elijah eating unpopped corn.

Building with Dad

Enjoying oreos in Heber, AZ

I found in idea to put paper shreds in a bowl and hide little things in them so the kids could use scoops to find stuff, instead they dumped them on the floor within seconds.  Bad idea.

Napping with Dad

This is how he prefers to play with the car


This is what I usually get when trying to take a picture from them, they are both whining and trying to get the camera from me.  Really guys, really?

Dade's 11th birthday, a titanic model

The really lame birthday cake I made for him.

Dade, 11 years, 4th grade

Elijah, 3 years, preschool

Elliott when he was in the hospital in April 2012

When we got home from the hospital Elliott had a nurse come out once a week to change the dressing on his PICC line and he was supposed to wear a mask while she did it and he would everytime, it was so cute!

Elliott's 1 year birthday party

Trouble makers!